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Guida Crypto Aprile 2020

!! ATTENZIONE !! Non hai sbatti di seguire questa guida? I criceti nel tuo cervello si sono fermati appena letto il titolo? Scrivimi e comprer√≤ degli XMR (o BTC a scelta) per te al costo di mercato attuale + 10¬£! Questa guida in italiano √® dedicata a tutti i miei amici, conoscenti, parenti che, in questi tempi bui, necessitano di… Read more →

The Engage Hub UI Redesign

One of my main design work was re-creating the main HTML component of the Engage Hub Platform. Everything is made from scratch with SCSS, Here’s a gallery of the component I coded Of course being it written in SCSS means that we can add different color combination to the same elements! Read more →

Arcade joystick with Arduino

This arcade joystick is made with a standard arcade stick, 6 push buttons (four big and two small) and an Arduino Pro Micro. This particular Arduino variant mounts a ATMega32U4 chip, so it’s recognized as a standard input device if you connect it to a PC through USB: the code flashed into it make the joystick send the button presses… Read more →


This pedal it’s a C++ DSP FX unit made with a Raspberry PI. It’s been originally built and made by Electrosmash It takes the input signal from a guitar (bass it’s also supported if you swap one of the capacitor so it can process lower frequencies), samples it in realtime and feeds it to a C++ script, which outputs a… Read more →